WBAL’s Ron Smith and PBS’ Bill Moyers Singing From The Same Hymnal?

Posted on April 8, 2009


“Talk-show Man” Ron Smith devoted a good portion of his WBAL show (am 1090) yesterday to the theme, “It’s Fraud, Not Incompetence.”

Mr. Smith played extensive excerpts from Bill Moyers’ Apr. 3 interview on PBS with William K. Black, a senior regulator in the 1980’s Savings and Loan investigation. Mr. Black is an expert on financial fraud, and a professor at the University of Missouri.

When WBAL’s Ron Smith, a serious conservative with Libertarian tendencies, and the Public Broadcast System’s Bill Moyers, a serious liberal with religious tendencies, agree with each other, you know that something important and unusual is happening. (Correct me if I’ve misrepresented either man’s political perspective.)

What’s happening is populist anger bordering on fury. It’s a spontaneous reaction to corruption and fraud in the American financial sector, aided and abetted by parallel corruption in the American political system. And, of course, the resulting billion-dollar bailouts of AIG and the banks.

Mr. Smith repeatedly urged his listeners to watch the Moyers-Black interview. You can find the PBS tape and the transcript here. You can find Ron Smith’s commentary here. A YouTube version of the interview can be accessed through Mr. Smith’s commentary.

Listen, read and be informed, if you dare. Treasury Secretaries Timothy Geithner and Henry Paulson are portrayed as panicked. Not recommended for children, or for adults who are easily frightened. –– Bernie Hayden