MPT’s “Citizen Schaefer”

Posted on March 31, 2009


The Maryland Public Television biographical documentary on Gov. William Donald Schaefer has tapped a deep well of emotion and respect for the man whose vocation was service to the people of Baltimore and Maryland. My April 2008 blog post about Mr. Schaefer at home in retirement has been the top post on Maryland On My Mind for the past few days.

If you missed the “Citizen Schaefer” documentary, as I did, you can read many commentaries by going to The Baltimore Sun and running a search for William Donald Schaefer. The Washington Post also had some commentaries.

If you’d like a book, I recommend William Donald Schaefer, A Political Biography, by C. Fraser Smith, former reporter, editorial writer and columnist for The Sun. I hope it is available at every library in Maryland.

I’ve contacted MPT to see when they plan to re-air Citizen Schaefer, and I’ll publish the date and time here when I find out. — Bernie Hayden