Blogging In Maryland — MPW Displaces RM As No. 1 In Politics

Posted on February 12, 2009


Congratulations to Maryland Politics Watch, which is justifiably proud that it is now the most-visited political blog in Maryland.

MPW reports that it recorded 45,654 visits in the four-month period from October 2008 through January 2009, for the first time surpassing Red Maryland, which had 43,022 visits. The visits counts are according to Sitemeter.

In the world of Maryland blogging, 45,000 visits in four months is a lot! Just for comparison, the blog you’re reading right now, Maryland On My Mind, started in October, 2007, is going to rack up hit No. 40,000 today or tomorrow. Zero to 40,000 in 17 months! Not exactly awesome acceleration, but I get good gas mileage.

(BTW, you’ll have to trust the WordPress count on those 40,000 hits. MOMM still doesn’t have Sitemeter. And it only takes a few minutes to add Sitemeter! I’ve already got it on my other blog, Ocean City, Maryland, Blog. Started Jan. 1, 2009, the OC Blog has over 1,500 verifiable visits and 3,200 page views as of today, Thursday. I really must get organized and put Sitemeter on Maryland On My Mind. Like tomorrow, maybe.)

Adam Pagnucco is the main writer at Maryland Politics Watch and he may be the most prolific blogger in Maryland. The blog used to be over-focused on Montgomery County politics, and maybe it still is, even down to micropolitics in Takoma Park and Chevy Chase. But MPW also invests much time and effort in statewide politics and issues, especially the General Assembly.

Maryland Politics Watch is noted for its comprehensive, in-depth posts. It frequently takes Adam a three- or four-part series of long posts to cover a story. An example is his three-part “State of Maryland Blogdom,” published in June 2008.

In view of its new status as the leading political blog in Maryland, I suggest that it is time for Maryland Politics Watch update its blog subtitle, which reads, “Because Western Avenue Is No Longer the Final Frontier.” Makes sense to people who live in Chevy Chase and Friendship Heights, but most Marylanders probably do not understand the significance of Western Avenue, as seen through the eyes of MPW.

Congratulations to Adam and Maryland Politics Watch on a job well done. — Bernie Hayden