Fireworks in Ocean City, Doomsday in New York

Posted on January 30, 2009


In a tedious and contentious process that is being played out in city halls and state capitals across the land, Ocean City, Maryland, is working to cut spending in the face of an economic crisis that seems to worsen by the week.

(News Flash: NYC mayor unveils DOOMSDAY BUDGET)

This week, the Ocean City Mayor and Council approved a contract for the town’s two Fourth-of-July fireworks displays, despite a $7,000 cost increase.

The council also plodded through a maze of other budget issues, and made of couple of spending decisions.

With an eye toward President Barack Obama’s anticipated economic stimulus package, the council gave the go-ahead to preliminary design work for a fire station renovation and expansion project. By completing the design phase, the town would make the fire station construction project “shovel-ready” if and when federal or state funding becomes available for infrastructure projects.

The council also rejected an idea to save $750 a week by cutting the number of buses running all night form three to two. Council members said they recognize the importance of night workers who keep the resort safe and clean while most other people are asleep; and they don’t want to leave workers standing in the cold in the middle of a winter night waiting for a bus.

Both the fireworks and the fire-station decisions were approved despite council disagreements over the need for competitive bidding on town projects.

For an up-close and personal look at how one Maryland small town, Ocean City (second largest MD city in summer), is working to reduce government spending during the national and worldwide economic crisis, click on the Ocean City, Maryland, Blog. The Ocean City Blog has everything you never wanted to know about the impact of the economic crisis on state and local governments. — Bernie Hayden