Quote of the Week: Tom Friedman on the Bailout

Posted on November 13, 2008


In an interview on CNBC this morning, Tom Friedman, the New York Times columnist and author, said:

“We have to spend this bailout money very carefully. We’re charging this money on our kids’ Visa cards.”

And should the government extend the Wall Street bailout to include the auto industry? Tom Friedman suggested the money could be better used by high-tech firms, which are committed to innovation, than by the Big Three automakers, who are committed to business as usual. Said Friedman:

“Steve Jobs could come up with an iCar in about a year.”

Thinking outside the box, President-elect Barack Obama might consider nominating Tom Friedman to be secretary of state or secretary of treasury. Friedman seems to get what’s going on.

— Bernie Hayden