Maryland Votes on Slot Machines and Early Voting: Yes and Yes

Posted on November 5, 2008


Was I wrong, or what!

The vote on slot machines in Maryland wasn’t close. The statewide totals Wednesday morning are 1,155,204 votes for the constitutional amendment to allow slot machines in Maryland, and 818,156 against slot machines. That’s without votes from Prince George’s County, which are not yet available.

Slots won everywhere, in Baltimore City and all the other Maryland counties. Even in the two hotbeds of slots opposition, slots won. In Montgomery County, the vote was 190,878 to 173,897. In Worcester County, it was 12,900 to 10,690.

The slots vote was close in two small counties, Talbot and Garrett. But generally, it was a decisive “Yes” for slot machines. The people have spoken. Let the good times roll.

Early voting won by a 2-1 landslide. The margin was 1,301,177 to 591,665, again without numbers available from Prince Georges. The constitutional amendment provides for voting on 10 days during a two-week period before Election Day. Say goodbye to long lines.

To see how your county voted, and all the Maryland election results, go to the Maryland State Board of Elections site, — Bernie Hayden