Frank Kratovil And Andy Harris On TV

Posted on November 2, 2008


Maryland’s District 1 candidates for the House of Representatives have been exchanging negative advertising on the Eastern Shore for weeks.

Despite the hot race to replace Rep. Wayne Gilchrest, I think both Frank Kratovil, the Democratic candidate, and Andy Harris, the Republican, have stayed on the high road, focusing their negative advertising on the issues, rather than on personal attacks. (The big winner has been WBOC-TV in Salisbury.)

Kratovil is out with a new TV ad featuring Gilchrest, a Republican, warmly endorsing Kratovil, the Democrat. Gilchrest, of course, was defeated by Harris in the Republican primary. Is the national Democratic Party giving Kratovil stronger support than Harris is receiving from the national Republican Party?

I’m guessing — just guessing, mind you — that Kratovil will be giving up his job as Queen Anne’s County prosecutor, and going to Washington in January.  And Harris will be going back to Annapolis to continue representing Baltimore County in the State Senate.

That would reduce the number of Republicans in Maryland’s House delegation to one, if Rep. Roscoe Bartlett wins re-election in Western Maryland.  — Bernie Hayden

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