Barack Obama In Maryland: Vote for Change, Vote for Hope

Posted on October 31, 2008


Nov. 4 will be an Election Day to remember. In Maryland, we expect beautiful autumn weather and a record voter turnout.

Don’t even think about not voting. Overconfidence is your enemy.

The national Electoral College vote may be close. The margin between Barack Obama and John McCain is small in many of the battleground states.

Here in Maryland, we have a chance to run up the score for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. A clear, strong victory in Maryland will push Obama’s national popular vote higher. The more votes Obama gets, the more political capital he will have. With economic problems on every side and two wars, Obama is going to need all the political capital he can get to succeed in the White House.

Click right here to see a great rap video by MC Yogi. It’s a good summary of the many reasons to vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Vote for change, vote for hope, vote for one America. — Bernie Hayden