Slots In Maryland — Another Tax On The Poor

Posted on October 19, 2008


Slots and Taxes

Part I

To cheer for slots/ One must ignore/ This open secret:/ Slots tax the poor

Don’t tax the poor/ On voting day,/ Tax the rich –/ They can afford to pay

Slots tax the poor/ For corporate greed/ Placing private profit/ Above common need

Racehorse owners/ Stand to gain;/ Families and children/ Will feel the pain

WELFARE for the RICH/ TAXES on the POOR?/ Say it ain’t so/ In Baltimore

Tax the rich instead/ Seems only fair/ For wealthy folks/ To pay their share

Part II

The rich are different/ From you and me./ F. Scott said it,/ And it’s true, we see

The rich grow richer,/ The poor grow old/ The CEOs/ Grow mean and bold

The poor live to work/ The rich live to play;/ The middle-class dream,/ It’s slip ‘slidin away

The rich count profits,/ Dividends, too;/ Workers count on jobs/ But the jobs are few

American know-how/ And work were prized/ Don’t look now,/ You’ve been globalized

We wish the poor/ Could still advance/ We wish the jobless/ Half a chance

At least the taxes/ Should be fair/ We wish the rich/ Would pay their share

Part III

Brothers and sisters,/ Listen now,/ We can overcome/ I’ll tell you how

Say NO to slots/ On voting day/ Tax the CEOs,/ Make them pay

Stand with the children,/ Learning to read/ Stand with the homeless/ And all in need

Stand with the poor/ Clinging to hope/ And the middle class/ On their slippery slope

Stand for justice/ And equality/ Nation under God/ Land of the free

Stand strong together/ Join hands and pray,/ We may overcome/ On voting day

— Bernie Hayden