Rep. Donna Edwards Explains Her ‘No’ Vote On The Bailout

Posted on October 1, 2008


Maryland’s newest member of Congress, Rep. Donna Edwards, explained why she voted against the Wall Street bailout bill in an interview on WBAL radio yesterday.

Oh, sorry, we’re not supposed to call it a bailout anymore. We’re supposed to call it a rescue. And now it’s not to save Wall Street, it’s to save Main Street. Whatever.

The following quote is from Donna Edwards’ conversation with Clarence M. Mitchell IV (C4) on WBAL.  You can listen to the entire interview, which isn’t very long, by clicking here.

“We’re interested in protecting the assets, not just of Wall Street, but protecting the assets of our taxpayers. $700 billion dollars is a lot of money to hand over without proper oversight, without even a regulatory structure in process. What I was surprised by is that the regulations would be recommended by the Treasury secretary by April 30, after all the money’s gone out the door.”

The Donna Edwards interview with C4 comes recommended by Talk Show Man, Ron Smith, who called Edwards’ explanation of the bailout proposal “brilliant.”

Donna Edwards is a Democrat representing Maryland’s District 4, which is central Prince Georges County and northeastern Montgomery County. Looks to me like she is already a rising star. — Bernie Hayden