Frank Kratovil vs. Andy Harris On The Eastern Shore

Posted on September 13, 2008


You see a lot of Andy Harris signs on the Eastern Shore, but I doubt that Eastern Shore voters will be suckered into voting for Harris.

They know where Harris lives.

You also see a lot of Frank Kratovil signs on the Shore. Kratovil’s campaign has received a big boost with the endorsement of Rep. Wayne Gilchrest, longtime congressman from the Shore.

And voters also know where Kratovil lives.

One of Maryland’s best blogs, Lost on the Shore, has an excellent post titled “Whose Representative?” discussing the political differences between Andy Harris, 51, the Republican state senator from Baltimore County, and Frank Kratovil, 39, the Democratic state’s attorney from Queen Anne’s County.

Harris defeated the popular but moderate Gilchrest in the Republican primary. Now, the Maryland First District is one of the few nationwide that could change parties in November. Republicans are willing to spend a small fortune to hold the district. Democrats know they have a rare opportunity to wrest the seat from Republican control. With Montgomery County Rep. Chris Von Hollen heading the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Kratovil will have all the money he needs to be competitive.

The First District includes all the Eastern Shore counties, Cecil County on the North Shore, and stretches into Harford and Baltimore Counties on the Western Shore. The district also jumps across the Chesapeake Bay to include part of Anne Arundel County.

This is THE election to watch in Maryland. An unpredictable factor: To what extent will voters’ preference for John McCain (Republican) or Barack Obama (Democrat) in the presidential election influence their votes for Andy Harris or Frank Kratovil in the congressional race? — Bernie Hayden