Politics in America: A Hypothetical High School Election

Posted on September 4, 2008


So say you have an election for president and vice president of the Hometown High School student government association.

The two political parties at the high school are the America-First Warriors and the All-America Academics.

  • The Academics go first and nominate Barack, a junior, A+ student, for SGA president. Barack is editor of both the literary magazine and the yearbook, captain of the chess team, and a member of the basketball team. The Academics also nominate Joe, a senior, A+ student, for SGA vice president. Joe has interned two summers in his congressman’s office, and is leader of the debate team and president of the French Club.
  • The Warriors go second and nominate John, a senior, an A student, for SGA president. John is quarterback of the football team (He missed most of the season with a broken leg suffered in the opening game, but came back in time to suit up for the championship game.) John is also an officer in the school’s ROTC program. The Warriors also nominate Sarah, a junior, a B+ student, for SGA vice president. Sarah is this year’s homecoming queen and captain of the cheer-leading squad.

For whom do you vote? Who wins the election? — Bernie Hayden