Bad Idea of the Year for Montgomery Democrats

Posted on July 10, 2008


Of all the dubious recommendations floated this week to increase the clout of the Montgomery County delegation in Annapolis, one recommendation stands out: Jam the Committees.

The Jam-the-Committees concept calls for all Montgomery County Democrats on every committee to stand united with all Republican committee members to block priority bills favored by the governor and the Democratic leadership.

(Long pause)

I hardly know what to say. “Irresponsible” will have to do.

Stamp the idea REJECTED and send it back. Shred it. Forget it. Bury it.

First, I don’t think this is what Montgomery County voters had in mind when they elected an all-Democratic delegation to the House of Delegates, and an all-Democratic delegation to the Senate.

Second, I don’t think Democratic senators and delegates from Montgomery County would be comfortable joining an unholy alliance of mindless obstruction with a solid block of Republicans. OK, maybe Sen. Rona Kramer would be comfortable with it.

Please try to prevent anyone in Annapolis from finding out about “Jam the Committees.” — Bernie Hayden