How to End the War in Iraq And Settle the Democratic Nomination

Posted on April 20, 2008


In this upside-down world of violence, inequality and injustice, leaders and governments so often seem dysfunctional or corrupt, incapable of acting responsibly and effectively.

Rather than bringing order out of chaos, leaders and governments often seem to create war, injustice, and misery. Cases in point: War in Iraq. Food shortages throughout the world.

Once in a while, I find it soothing to imagine a just and peaceful world, with wise leadership.

This week’s concept: Leadership by a council of wise elders.

The nominations that come to mind are prompted by names in the news. By coincidence, the three are churchmen. My nominations for a council of prophets to decide when and how to end the war in Iraq:

  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright
  • President Jimmy Carter

Decisions would be by consensus. If consensus fails, decisions could be by 2-1 vote. Pope Benedict, the Rev. Wright and President Carter could convene around my kitchen table. I’ll provide drinks and snacks. If deliberations take a long time, we will order pizza. I request the privilege to take notes and write the story. Movie rights to be negotiated later.

(By this point in the endless campaign, I would also be happy to have the council of elders decide between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. I would accept a 2-1 decision, either way and without question.)

Some will complain that the proposed council of wise elders ignores separation of church and state, and lacks gender and age diversity.  Get over it. It’s my concept, and I won’t allow political correctness to stand in the way of world peace.

— Bernie Hayden