Spring In Maryland -Time to Stop and Smell the Dandelions

Posted on April 9, 2008


I think I have spring fever. Or maybe blogger’s burnout. Whatever.

Maryland on My Mind is going to take a spring break for a week. Maybe two.

Spring is well advanced, and the General Assembly has adjourned sine die. Maryland will do just fine without my attention.

A brief update on spring: The cold, raw days are about over; baseball games have already been rained out; mild, priceless days are ahead.

The Cherry Blossoms and forsythia have had their 15 days of fame. Other flowering trees are at their peak, and the first subtle shades of green are spreading daily in trees, bushes and vines. Dandelions have been around for days (and some have already gone to seed). Soon dandelions will be everywhere, except in lawns treated with herbicides. Today I noticed clover growing. How long has this been going on?

Past time to take a break. Turn off the computer and the television. It’s spring outside.

See you in a week. Or two. — Bernie

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