Kramer and Madaleno Vote With Republicans

Posted on April 3, 2008


The Maryland Senate Budget and Taxation Committee voted 10-5 Wednesday night to repeal the sales tax on computer services. The bill would offset the lost revenue by raising the top income tax rate for taxpayers earning over $1 million a year from 5.5 percent to 6.25 percent.

Montgomery County Senators Rona Kramer and Richard Madaleno (both Democrats) joined three Republicans in voting against the bill. Kramer and Madaleno oppose the so-called Millionaires’ Tax.

Freshman Montgomery County Sen. Nancy King voted with the Democratic majority on the committee to support the bill. Also supporting the bill was Baltimore County Sen. Bobby Zirkin, a Democrat who had been on the fence.

The computer sales tax repeal/Millionaires’ Tax bill, the most controversial bill of the Maryland General Assembly’s 2008 regular session, now goes to the Senate floor, where the vote is expected to be close.

For a full report on the committee action, see WBAL on the blogroll. — Bernie Hayden

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