Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Posted on March 23, 2008


I was worried about the fall campaign, when America would focus for the first time on a presidential election between a white man and a black man. Barack Obama and John McCain. Race would become one of the top three issues, I thought, right up there with The Economy and The War.

I thought race would be a surreptitious issue, spoken softly and carefully, so as not to backfire. There would be whispers and innuendo, but nobody would want to be accused of playing the Race Card.

I didn’t imagine that race would become the big issue in the Democratic nomination process. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Was I naive or what?

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the media is obsessed with the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., former pastor of Barack Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Suddenly, race looms large in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary.

Jonetta Rose Barras, local news analyst par excellence, provides wise context on the Jeremiah Wright-Barack Obama story from an African-American perspective in Sunday’s Washington Post Outlook section (03-23-08, page B1). Click on the The Washington Post link in my blogroll to find her essay, “He’s Preaching to a Choir I’ve Left.”

FYI, Jonetta Rose Barras is a regular participant on the Kojo Nnamdi show at noon weekdays on WAMU (88.5 FM). — Bernie Hayden