FAQ About Maryland’s Primary Election, 2008

Posted on February 7, 2008


Q How come Maryland didn’t have a presidential primary election on Super Tuesday?

A Because Maryland is going to have its presidential primary on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Q A lot of my friends say they’re going to vote in the Democratic primary. What’s all the excitement about?

A Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois and Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York are running.

Q Which one of them is the Democrat?

A Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton are both Democrats.

Q Oh, wow. When is the Democratic primary?

A The Maryland Democratic primary election is on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Q Who can vote in the Democratic primary election?

A In Maryland, only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary, and, to be absolutely fair about it, only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary.

Q What about unaffiliated voters, not to mention people who are registered as Greens or Libertarians. Can they vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in Maryland’s Democratic primary election?

A No. Only registered Democrats can vote in Maryland’s Democratic primary election.

Q That seems so unfair! Why can’t independents vote in Maryland’s Democratic or Republican primaries?

A Because I said so.

Q But what if a voter who’s not a registered Democrat really, really, really wants to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

A No problem! I promise you they will all have the opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the general election for president in November.

Q That’s so far away!

A November will be here before you know it.

Q Will independent voters be able to vote for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in November?

A That’s a very good possibility.

Q So, are you going to tell us about the Republican primary election?

A No, I don’t do Republican primaries, amusing though they may be.

Q Well then, will there be any other interesting Democrats to vote for on Feb. 12, besides Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

A I’m glad you asked. If you live in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, there is a pretty interesting Democratic primary election for Congress.

Q Who’s running?

A There are six Democrats running, but the only names you have to remember are Rep. Albert R. Wynn, the incumbent Democratic congressman, and Donna Edwards.

Q And I suppose you have to be a registered Democrat to vote for Albert Wynn or Donna Edwards in the 4th District Democratic primary election.

A. You’ve got it. That’s why it’s called the Democratic primary election.

Q. This is all so interesting. I wish someone had called this to my attention earlier. By the way, when is the Maryland primary election?

A. The Maryland primary elections, both the Democratic primary election and the Republican primary election, will be on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Q. Would you like to make any predictions about the Feb. 12 Democratic primary election in Maryland?

A. Yes. I predict there will be a record turnout for the Democratic primary election in Maryland. Unless there’s a blizzard.

Q. How can you be so sure?

A. Because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are running in the Democratic presidential primary. And in the 4th District, all the voters who show up to vote for Clinton or Obama will also have the opportunity to vote for Albert Wynn or Donna Edwards, who are also both Democrats.

Q By the way, is there a theme for the 2008 election?

A Yes, the theme is change.

Q Is there anything that you want to add?

A. Did I mention that the Democratic primary election in Maryland is Tuesday, Feb. 12?

Q Thank you.

A You’re welcome.

— Bernie Hayden