Maryland Special Session – Media Coverage

Posted on November 11, 2007


The Washington Post was first to report last summer that Gov. Martin O’Malley was considering a tax proposal, and The Post has continued to beat The Baltimore Sun up to and through the Special Session of the General Assembly. That includes coverage this morning, Sunday, Nov. 11.

The Post had a full report on the House of Delegates action late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, including the final votes, in the Maryland edition that was at my door early this morning. The Sun did not have the latest news on its Web site at 11 a.m. Sunday. The Sun finally posted a story on its site at 11:34 a.m.

For today at least, WBAL radio (1090 a.m.) is providing the most detailed coverage on its Web site.

The WBAL site was the only place I was able to find a complete report on how every delegate voted on the income tax and sales tax bills. Go to the site, and click on “Member by Member Votes in House on Tax Plan.”

The talk-show hosts on WBAL tend to be conservative and one-sided in their opinions and commentary, and even the local news reports on the air tend to play to what the audience wants to hear. But I have to give credit to the WBAL Web site as an excellent source for Maryland news.

BTW, Maryland on My Mind was the first blog covering Maryland politics to report the House of Delegates votes in a post at 12:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon, far as I know. If anyone else wants to claim being first, please let me know.

Maryland on My Mind will have some inside-baseball analysis of the House of Delegates and Senate votes later today, or whenever I get around to it.  — Bernie Hayden