Posted on November 8, 2007


We interrupt this Special Session of the Maryland General Assembly considering Gov. Martin O’Malley’s tax and slots initiative to bring you an important message.

Do not be alarmed. The Special Session is appropriate for viewing by all age groups. However, the session may contain language or images that will be disturbing to some observers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Special Session may contain repeated use of arcane language, examples of devious legislative tactics and procedures, gratuitous use of insincere flattery, and introduction of unnecessary amendments.

Both the Tax and Spend Party and the Free-Lunch Libertarian Party will probably resort to flagrant hyperbole.

The Special Session will contain explicit talk of tax increases, threats of political retribution, and possibly deep and painful budget cuts.

You may hear scandalous stories of late-night deliberations, backroom negotiations or even secret agreements. Public disclosure of strange political bedfellows cannot be ruled out.

Please keep in mind: Politics is the way we settle deep disagreements under our system of Representative Democracy. It is sometimes unpleasant, but it beats other systems used elsewhere in the world, which often include imprisonment of dissidents, palace coups, or violence in many varieties, up to and including civil war.

People with advanced tax phobias or severe allergic reactions to government should stay indoors and avoid becoming over-excited by Talk Radio.

We now return you to the Special Session of the General Assembly. Please remain calm.  — Bernie Hayden