Special Session Anticipation Week

Posted on October 26, 2007


This was the week before the special session of the Maryland General Assembly. Because there was no real news, it was the Week of the Polls. Consolidated poll results: plus or minus.

As you may recall, the special session was called by Gov. Martin O’Malley to consider a tax-and-slots package designed to cure the state’s structural deficit. Structural deficit means: not enough money to pay the bills. In the event that the General Assembly declines to vote for enough taxes and slots to pay the bills, Mr. O’Malley predicts the usual draconian cuts to the budgets for parks, schools and police.

Talk Radio reports that the special session will begin Monday in Annapolis with a people’s anti-tax rally outside in the cold and the rain,  followed with an indoor concert by O’Malley’s March. According to Talk Radio, two parties hold most of the seats in the General Assembly. They are the Tax and Spend Party, in the majority; and the Free-Lunch Libertarian Party, in the minority.

Wall-to-wall coverage next week by Talk Radio and the remaining one and one-half daily newspapers that cover Maryland. — Bernie