Consensus on Taxes

Posted on October 23, 2007


Judging by a story in Tuesday’s Sunpaper, Hon, it appears that Maryland legislators are rounding a big curve and closing in on the expected consensus regarding Gov. Martin O’Malley’s tax proposal.

Not that there won’t be some tinkering when the General Assembly meets in special session next week. O’Malley has made it clear that his program is not written in stone, that’s he’s willing to compromise on the details. Legislators will take him up on it.

The emerging consensus on the personal income tax, corporate taxes, the sales tax and the cigarette tax, to name the big ones, does not include the slots part of the governor’s package. Slot-machine gambling is still a volatile issue in Maryland. But my sense is that the slots tide crested during the previous administration. I think its time has passed. Just my opinion.  –Bernie

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