Blair Lee Speaks Up for the Rich

Posted on October 17, 2007


Columnist Blair Lee IV has expressed concern that the Maryland tax package proposed by Gov. Martin O’Malley might adversely impact the rich, especially the rich in Montgomery County. Someone has to stand up for the rich, and Mr. Lee is admirably well-qualified for the job.

Writing in the Gazette papers (Gazette.Net), Mr. Lee foresees the possibility that most Montgomery County legislators will not show proper respect for their richest constituents when the General Assembly meets in Special Session.

Specifically, Mr. Lee is alarmed by O’Malley’s proposal to make the Maryland income tax slightly progressive. Progressive means that the rich and the near-rich would pay a little bit more income tax, and everyone else would pay a little bit less. What a concept!

I grew up in Montgomery County and live now in Montgomery County. Nearly all the Montgomery County people I have known in my lifetime are working people. Some are affluent, many are middle class or working class, more than a few are poor.  But Mr. Lee’s timely essay has promped some needed soul-searching on my part. I acknowledge that I had not given adequate consideration to the hardships a progressive income tax might visit on the well-to-do. I will think about that now, and report further. –Bernie 

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