Slots And Democracy

Posted on October 11, 2007


The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Gov. Martin O’Malley is sounding out legislators about the possibility of a statewide referendum on slots.

It’s interesting that Senate President Mike Miller, an ardent slots supporter, is opposed to a referendum. And House Speaker Mike Busch, who opposes slots, appears ready to embrace the idea. So what does that say? And what does O’Malley’s openness to a referendum say about the governor’s true feelings on slots?

To gain a three-fifths majority in the House and Senate, a referendum would likely need a provision giving local jurisdictions the right to opt out of slots. I understand that Florida left the question up to the counties, and only two counties opted in. I imagine you could find two counties in Maryland that would be willing to stake their future on slots. My county would not be one of them. What about your’s?

Bring on the referendum. Nothing like some old-fashioned participatory democracy.  –Bernie