A Blog Is Launched (Write What You Know)

Posted on October 9, 2007


Welcome to Maryland on My Mind. Many thanks to the staff and volunteers at WordPress.com, who make this wonderful platform available and free.

I had thought to call this blog Maryland Politics 101. But I didn’t want to pose as an expert on politics. And I didn’t want to be limited to politics. Maryland on my Mind is unlimited. It will cover all things Maryland. Keep in mind that the District of Columbia was carved out of Maryland. And Maryland is a charter member of the United States of America, which is part of North America, which is connected to South America. North and South America are continents on planet Earth. Unlimited. However, I will concentrate on writing what I know, and that will keep me close to home in Maryland most of the time.

Two themes of Maryland on My Mind will be:

  • Social Justice. From slavery to civil rights to immigration, social justice questions are always with us. The rich and powerful oppress and exploit the poor. Majorities don’t always respect the rights of minorities. The pattern runs through history. The struggle continues.
  • The state of democracy in Maryland and beyond. Is democracy working or failing? Why do so many of our public institutions often appear to be dysfunctional? Dysfunction also seems widespread in the private realm, from families to corporations.

Despite trouble all around, I will try to resist cynicism and encourage hope. There is much good to be found in Maryland. Keep the faith. We shall overcome. I anticipate digressions into the world of books. I undoubtedly will wander into memoir and perhaps lose my way in nostalgia.

In coming days and weeks, I will write about the following:

  • Slots and Taxes, the most important decision facing Maryland right now. 
  • Of Mice and Men, currently on stage at the Olney Theater.
  • The Greatest Generation, namely my father and mother. And Eisenhower, A Hero for Our Time.
  • Churches I pass on my way to work every day.
  • Immigration and Diversity, in the context of social justice. 

I will try to remember: Write what you know, and write short. Again, welcome. You are encouraged to participate. E-mail me at BJHaydenOlney@gmail.com. Please comment often. Please remind me to avoid selfrighteousness, and not to take myself too seriously. And thanks for reading and blogging.  –Bernie

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